You know you’re in a strange/sad situation when…

…you’re a single, 25 year-old girl and the person who you have a constant conversation with and who wishes you good morning and good night is a 14 year-old boy. No, I’m not a pedophile, there’s explanations and reasons leading up to this situation! Don’t freak out and call the cops! I’m posting this collection of things that have been on my mind lately mostly because it’s a chance to organize and lay them all out. If my first sentence hadn’t thoroughly disgusted you, read on to hear me out! Continue reading “You know you’re in a strange/sad situation when…”


The Worst Feeling

The worst feeling for a self conscious person is to be on the bus on your way home, only to suddenly realize that your shirt was inside out for the whole day…and either nobody noticed or nobody cared enough to tell you.

The worst feeling for a private person is to misplace your USB filled with personal files and to get it back the next day with obvious signs of being used…which makes you wonder if someone took a browse around to look at your transcript and secret bucket list.

Now on a less superficial note, the worst feeling for a perceptive person is to walk up to your animated, chattering friends…only for them to stop talking and exchange knowing glances as soon as you arrive. Continue reading “The Worst Feeling”