Online Dating Discoveries

One of my close friends thought it’d be fun to try online dating, so I thought . . . why not? She’s honestly the sort that was TOTALLY against online dating and she hardly ever tries anything new. For her to actually make an account and start trying out an app to find someone made me realize . . . that I should give this a shot too. At the end of the day, the two of us, including Selene, were totally . . . over this online dating. No more. Continue reading “Online Dating Discoveries”


Love Desperation Phase

I think we all go through this particular phase once in a while. What I’m talking about is the “love desperation” phase. It’s when you start to crave for a boyfriend so badly like how you’re desperate for chocolate or some dessert when you’re PMSing. I’ve been through this phase before. Continue reading “Love Desperation Phase”