Cries of the Forever Available

So today I asked my best guy friend why, despite having been in a dominantly male environment for the past 7 years, nobody likes me. Honestly, I’ve been pretty confident in myself. Looks wise and personality wise. I think I speak for all 4 of us when I say that. However, we’re somehow… all single… and with the exception of @unjustnyx, we’re single to the point where there is no one making an effort for us.

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Acting like the bigger person

For the near future, this will be the last post on the guy-that-never-got-named. Huh. Maybe that should be his name. There’s something that you should all know about me. I hate not knowing the answer to something. I hate not being able to understand what went wrong and thus not being able to work on fixing it. You could almost call it… somewhat of engineering tendencies.

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You know what? I don’t even.

Hello there, it’s my first blog post of 2016. Just saying, it’s been like two years since we started this blog… and I’ve literally NEVER kept up with something for so long — except for school. Or something like that. #EnduranceWin.

So it’s not only my first blog post in 2016, it’s also my first blog post after figuring out Panda wasn’t really single. (Still F*** it ALL). But I’ve taken time to recuperate — sucked up my pride and disgruntledness (cause that ain’t going nowhere) and carried on with my life. I’ve also re-initiated convos with him, because despite it all, I do really enjoy talking to him. (I’m a masochist, k, bear with me).

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