You know you’re in a strange/sad situation when…

…you’re a single, 25 year-old girl and the person who you have a constant conversation with and who wishes you good morning and good night is a 14 year-old boy. No, I’m not a pedophile, there’s explanations and reasons leading up to this situation! Don’t freak out and call the cops! I’m posting this collection of things that have been on my mind lately mostly because it’s a chance to organize and lay them all out. If my first sentence hadn’t thoroughly disgusted you, read on to hear me out! Continue reading “You know you’re in a strange/sad situation when…”


My dream about a romantic-tragedy (?) in The Giver

It’s rare that I dream at night–and even rarer that I remember my dreams after I wake up. But this morning I had this vivid dream about @unforgivingathena and Panda (a guy associated with Athena) in the world of Lois Lowry’s The Giver (a book I’ve been working on with these kids I tutor recently), and thought I would share my dream… with anyone who cares to read about it. *warning* this contains spoilers about the novel, so if you don’t want to know…

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The sadness when no one spells your name right…

A post to remind you all that we’re not dead~ \o/

I dunno, I’m in one of those weird moods right now which usually warrants me wanting to rant somewhere and, instead of doing the smart thing and going to sleep, this just happens to be my outlet of choice.

Today’s topic of choice: Names. How important are names to you in general? How important is YOUR name to you? Do misspellings bother you? Even if they’re minor?

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Where the grass is gr–maybe not.

So, I didn’t login here intending to make a post, but on the spur of the moment while replying to a comment from cdukulele I thought “well, this is new and somewhat relevant, why not?” So here you have it. I’ve decided to pick up on our segment where we talk about other happy couples’ relationships… by going in the complete opposite direction and talking about how messed up my close friends’ relationship is. See what a great friend I am? Continue reading “Where the grass is gr–maybe not.”

My Loss? His Loss?

You know, we tend to try to be positive about ourselves on this blog — despite all the complaining. Especially me, cause I’m naturally narcissistic like that. But over the last few days, I’ve been feeling disgruntled about life, feeling confused about wtf happened in Panda’s head that just made him stop contacting me at all — despite various casual conversational starters that I throw at him, and feeling a little bit at loss.

So I decided to express and release my feels in the best way I know how… by writing a poem that makes absolutely no sense to anyone. Including me. Heh.

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A note to guys with close girl friends.

Yes. Girl Friends. not girlfriends. It means friends of the female species that you have not classified as a significant others.

Can we be real here? I don’t believe that the male and female human species is able to form an intensive close relationship that is not built on romantic feelings. I don’t believe that a male and female will be able to become “best friends” without there being romantic feelings being involved on one or both sides. We can be friends, sure. Acquaintances. Colleagues. Classmates. Not best friends.

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