I own the responsibility. Completely. Utterly. Without Shame.

Well, it’s been a long time since any of us posted. Quick update. We’re all still single.

That’s completely not surprising.

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Sometimes life makes you go WTF. 

So this might be the end of another chapter of my non-existent love life. Wow. That was short.

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So many swear words

So it’s 2:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep. Or it was. I typed that one line and went on to agonize by myself instead.

Here’s gonna be the cathartic tale of unforgivingathena’s yet-another-failed-attempt at a relationship.

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So why does it have to be that complicated?

I’ve been living in a very confused state for the past few months. I’m not sure if my confusion has diminished or I’ve just learnt to live with it and carry on.

This has culminated into one request. I need a invisible tag that only I can see that states the relationship status of every guy I meet as well as their level of interest in me if they are single. OK. Fine, maybe I’m being too selfish. All of you can see everyone’s interest towards yourself.

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Ambiguity: Stepping awfully close to the friend zone

So, I have a question to ask about this whole kinda-friends but I-dont-really-want-to-be-friends state between guys and girls.

Or maybe I just need a place to complain. Yet again. Which is actually the most likely reason I’m writing this posts.

Or I’m procrastinating cause I just finished my graph theory homework from hell and I think I deserve a little reward.

But really, how do you tell if a guy is interested in you romantically or if he just want to be really good friends with you. I need this information to evaluate my non-existent relationships.

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Love out of Desperation?

I don’t know if that’s as documented of a thing as Stockholm Syndrome, but if there is… I think we would be a highly susceptible group =P

We’ve had our conversations about love and romances and reasons why we’d be single for at least the near future. It all seems pretty logically and empirically-based in fact, but is there an irrational side that we’re missing in our equations? Can love stem from the sheer fact that we’re available and looking? @bittersweetselene, @cynicalartemis and I seem to believe it’s impossible due to the sheer lack of men as potential date prospects around us. It makes me wonder… Will there be some unannounced presence either from the past or in the near future who will storm his way into our lives and throw all our equations out the window? Continue reading “Love out of Desperation?”