Sometimes life makes you go WTF. 

So this might be the end of another chapter of my non-existent love life. Wow. That was short.

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So many swear words

So it’s 2:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep. Or it was. I typed that one line and went on to agonize by myself instead.

Here’s gonna be the cathartic tale of unforgivingathena’s yet-another-failed-attempt at a relationship.

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The drama is so so soooo slow

bittersweetselene loves to refer to my love life — or rather, my lack of a love life — as a drama. She says she ships me and Quiet Boy and would hunt down the scriptwriter if there was a bad ending. That would be me.

Recently, she’s been complaining that the drama has been progressing too slowly… cause it really is. Which is also why none of us has been posting recently. I mean, there really isn’t anything to talk about when your live revolves around procrastination, getting crap done, projects, and grad school applications. #thisiswhywearesingle.

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A…. kinda date?

Except all our siblings were in tow…. so.. uh.. yeah….

So quiet boy is back. And as soon as he came back… my mother (God Bless Her) volunteered me to go hiking with Quiet Boy and his brothers… and… my sister.

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Absolutely dreadful . . . moving that is

You might be wondering where I’ve been lurking . . . well, I’ve been facing this dreaded day for the past week or so. I absolutely hate this day every year. What day? MOVING DAY. Every year, I’ve had to do two big moves, and let me tell you, it’s a pain in the ass. Every time, I tell myself, who knew I had so much stuff? I always say that I’m going to cut down on buying or hoarding, but I honestly don’t think much has changed. Continue reading “Absolutely dreadful . . . moving that is”

I admit that I’m jealous

I admit . . . I’m jealous.

I’m jealous that you do nothing and get everything.

I’m jealous that you can eat as much as you want and you’ll never gain a pound.

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