A note to guys with close girl friends.

Yes. Girl Friends. not girlfriends. It means friends of the female species that you have not classified as a significant others.

Can we be real here? I don’t believe that the male and female human species is able to form an intensive close relationship that is not built on romantic feelings. I don’t believe that a male and female will be able to become “best friends” without there being romantic feelings being involved on one or both sides. We can be friends, sure. Acquaintances. Colleagues. Classmates. Not best friends.

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Recruiting Eye Candy . . .

I’m not looking for the one, at least not for now. I’m looking for an experience or several to understand what sort of guy suits me. Recently, I’ve had a few conversations that have struck me a bit hard. Continue reading “Recruiting Eye Candy . . .”

Cancelled Date with the Weird Guy

I might be destined to be forever alone . . . at this rate. I’ve been having issues with the Weird Guy via text again, basically involving him ignoring me. Continue reading “Cancelled Date with the Weird Guy”

Weird Guy, I Don’t Understand You

So my previous post was around ten days ago, and now I’m at a point where I really, really don’t know what in the world is going on with the Weird Guy. So many things happened at once that . . . I really don’t know where to begin. This is going to be a long post, so bear with me, but I guess it all started last week . . . Continue reading “Weird Guy, I Don’t Understand You”

The Potential Candidates

This is going to sound absolutely stupid, but I am having trouble deciding who I actually like. Unlike infatuations that come and go, I’m starting to think that actually knowing who I am falling for, without taking two plus years time, is difficult, especially for someone like me that appreciates having a right or wrong answer. So, here are four potential candidates . . . (Feel free to drop a comment and let me know who you prefer more.) Continue reading “The Potential Candidates”

Meeting Too Many New Guys . . .

Remember a while ago I was complaining how I could never meet new guys? Well, I got my wish granted. Within a span of six days, I have met . . . let me count . . . at least 23 guys. This kind of makes me sound like some sort of pimp, but honestly, how did I even manage to do that? Continue reading “Meeting Too Many New Guys . . .”

What’s your fetish?

We’re attracted to a lot of different things or different parts of the body. Lately, I’m developing certain tendencies to stare at certain areas of people’s bodies thanks to talking to a few of my friends about their fetishes. (I’m using the term “fetish” in a more general sense, rather than the heavy stuff, where you’re seriously, seriously sexually attracted to a car or whatever.) Continue reading “What’s your fetish?”