Online Dating Discoveries

One of my close friends thought it’d be fun to try online dating, so I thought . . . why not? She’s honestly the sort that was TOTALLY against online dating and she hardly ever tries anything new. For her to actually make an account and start trying out an app to find someone made me realize . . . that I should give this a shot too. At the end of the day, the two of us, including Selene, were totally . . . over this online dating. No more. Continue reading “Online Dating Discoveries”


Where the grass is gr–maybe not.

So, I didn’t login here intending to make a post, but on the spur of the moment while replying to a comment from cdukulele I thought “well, this is new and somewhat relevant, why not?” So here you have it. I’ve decided to pick up on our segment where we talk about other happy couples’ relationships… by going in the complete opposite direction and talking about how messed up my close friends’ relationship is. See what a great friend I am? Continue reading “Where the grass is gr–maybe not.”

Cancelled Date with the Weird Guy

I might be destined to be forever alone . . . at this rate. I’ve been having issues with the Weird Guy via text again, basically involving him ignoring me. Continue reading “Cancelled Date with the Weird Guy”

I admit that I’m jealous

I admit . . . I’m jealous.

I’m jealous that you do nothing and get everything.

I’m jealous that you can eat as much as you want and you’ll never gain a pound.

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Why I probably will only date an Asian man

I chanced upon this article called I’M AN ASIAN WOMAN AND I REFUSE TO EVER DATE AN ASIAN MAN while Facebook surfing today. Now let me rage.

“It has nothing to do with skin color. It has everything to do with patriarchy. And guess what? More and more “racist”-against-Asian-men Asian women are getting on the white boy bandwagon.” – WELL EFF THAT SHIT. I’m proud to be one-and-a-half generation Canadian Asian. I’m proud to be Canadian. I’m proud to be Chinese. I will probably only date Asian Men. It has nothing to do with skin colour. It’s merely who I am as a person.

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