Online Dating Discoveries

One of my close friends thought it’d be fun to try online dating, so I thought . . . why not? She’s honestly the sort that was TOTALLY against online dating and she hardly ever tries anything new. For her to actually make an account and start trying out an app to find someone made me realize . . . that I should give this a shot too. At the end of the day, the two of us, including Selene, were totally . . . over this online dating. No more. Continue reading “Online Dating Discoveries”


Thinking about forever (even if may never come)

We’re sitting in a comfortable silence, each lost in our own thoughts, after a long and exciting day out. I’m on my phone, smiling to myself as I flip through photos of the day and wishing that days like this could last forever–when he asks if we can make one stop on the way home. I glance up at him, wondering what he where he could possibly still want to go at this late hour, only to find that he’s staring back at me with an unreadable expression. Confused and wanting to get to the bottom of that look, I nod. He grins and turns to lead the way, one hand intertwined with mine, the other hand in his pocket clutching something out of my view…

… looking at that spontaneous write, I can’t tell if it’s actually cute, or if I’ve just lost my mind because of the stress of the past week. But yeah, that was supposed to be my take on what kind of proposal I’d wish for–despite the fact that I don’t have a boyfriend.

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The Worst Feeling

The worst feeling for a self conscious person is to be on the bus on your way home, only to suddenly realize that your shirt was inside out for the whole day…and either nobody noticed or nobody cared enough to tell you.

The worst feeling for a private person is to misplace your USB filled with personal files and to get it back the next day with obvious signs of being used…which makes you wonder if someone took a browse around to look at your transcript and secret bucket list.

Now on a less superficial note, the worst feeling for a perceptive person is to walk up to your animated, chattering friends…only for them to stop talking and exchange knowing glances as soon as you arrive. Continue reading “The Worst Feeling”