So a journey ends. Thus, my future begins.


Long time no see. It’s been a while since I’ve posted and a while since anything interesting has happened. My excuse is that the past couple of months have been extremely busy with me working on my thesis and writing a couple of papers that never got submitted (although my supervisors promise that they will, I don’t know how much I trust him). But that’s not really the reason. The reason is, we… or at least I… use this blog as a channel for emotional venting… and when there is nothing emotional happening in my life… except the fact that I hate writing papers, there is nothing to vent about. Life sucks.

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Those eyes. They confuse me.

Adding on to the theme of my past few blog posts. I’m gonna write another blog post about how confused I am. Clearly a good use of my time when I should be rewriting the 4th damming draft of my research proposal.

But anyways. It’s 10pm and I haven’t done a single thing since I got home. Good job, unforgivingAthena, Good Job.

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Whelp, I tried.

Short ending to a short story: I asked Country Boy how he would feel if I said I liked him as more than friends, and he said he wouldn’t want that because he saw me as a “best friend”. In other words, friend zoned. Given that this was yesterday’s news, I can now say with confidence that I did not cry over the matter–even if it was essentially a rejection.

Some might conclude that if I didn’t cry over the matter, it meant that I didn’t actually love him… well, that could be true, but I prefer to think of it in another way. Even through my wording when I brought up the topic with him, I didn’t outright say “I like you” but rather something more along the lines of “is it okay to like you”. My mindset was that I finally liked him enough to consider dating him, but I was still hesitant in committing to liking him because I didn’t want to be hurt if it was to all come to nothing. So I asked him what he’d think first.

Honestly, at this time when I have no idea what country/city I will be living in a year from now, this is not the time to be concerning myself with love and relationships anyways. I gave it a shot with him because I wanted to clarify that what we had was truly friendship and nothing more, and now that that’s over with I’m free to talk to whomever I’d like/apply to schools that aren’t near to home without reservations. Considering that he still messaged me to have our regular Skype chat last night and the session was like every session before that, I think I can happily conclude that our present relationship wasn’t destroyed by my risky gamble. And that’s enough for me. #thisiswhyi’msingle.

Still in the single sisterhood whether I like it or not,