Those eyes. They confuse me.

Adding on to the theme of my past few blog posts. I’m gonna write another blog post about how confused I am. Clearly a good use of my time when I should be rewriting the 4th damming draft of my research proposal.

But anyways. It’s 10pm and I haven’t done a single thing since I got home. Good job, unforgivingAthena, Good Job.

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So why does it have to be that complicated?

I’ve been living in a very confused state for the past few months. I’m not sure if my confusion has diminished or I’ve just learnt to live with it and carry on.

This has culminated into one request. I need a invisible tag that only I can see that states the relationship status of every guy I meet as well as their level of interest in me if they are single. OK. Fine, maybe I’m being too selfish. All of you can see everyone’s interest towards yourself.

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Serious Guy Got a Girlfriend

I’m not sad that Serious Guy got a girlfriend. I’m disappointed that he didn’t tell me that he got one. Rich Guy was the one that told me over a group call.

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Not every story has an happy ending

I’m surprised how fast I can come to terms with the fact that I’ve just been rejected. But hey, whatever. I tried.

Am I gonna cry in bed later tonight? Probably. Do I regret anything? Nope.

It really is nobody’s fault.

So. I’m sorry loyal readers — this is really a bad ending to a long saga.

At least I’m still single. @sarcasticaphrodite, I give you permission to tell them how it happened.

Turning over the page for the next chapter of my life,


The stars have aligned!

Well. Or so the Japanese gods say.

Hey guys, I’m sorry for ignoring all of you for like. FOREVER. The story is @bittersweetselene and I went off to an awesome trip in Asia where we cruised off to like 10 cities and lived in fancy hotels. One of the countries we went to was Japan (the other was China >.>). I’m not sure how familiar any of you are with japanese culture — but it usually tends to involve a lot of shrine and temple visits. And at those temples, you do things like shake for your fortune. Or pay 5 yen for a wish. Things like that.

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Most Men Like Bitches?!

I remember reading this book my sister recommended called “Men Like Bitches”. I’m pretty sure the title was something like that. When I started reading the recommendations the book suggested, I thought that they were sometimes pretty mean. I decided that I wouldn’t want to treat a guy like that. I hated playing games, and I was a firm believer in chasing after what you want.  Continue reading “Most Men Like Bitches?!”