Online Dating Discoveries

One of my close friends thought it’d be fun to try online dating, so I thought . . . why not? She’s honestly the sort that was TOTALLY against online dating and she hardly ever tries anything new. For her to actually make an account and start trying out an app to find someone made me realize . . . that I should give this a shot too. At the end of the day, the two of us, including Selene, were totally . . . over this online dating. No more. Continue reading


My bad habits when I have a crush

I recently met a new guy and he was cute! Yay! I don’t have a full-on crush on him but I do get the feeling that I would like to know him better. I feel kind of shallow because I realize that a lot of my crushes start with me noticing some guy’s looks and then wanting to know the person better after. (I’m trying to change that and be more open minded, but it’s hard.) That’s not the worse though that happens, I think. Sometimes I start analyzing little body language cues that the guy gives or try to remember all the words he said to see if there were any hints of a crush on me. I admit that I do get obsessed with the puzzle of finding out whether he likes me back. My worst habit is . . .

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An interesting phenomenon

So I’m at a new place, new school, new friends. And I noticed that out of my class where 90% of the female students are in a relationship, I just so happened to quickly become friends with the handful of┬ásingle girls in the class.

I thought it was kinda interesting, so I shared my observation with my mom:

Me: Guess what, my new friends that I’ve been hanging out with are also single! I guess it’s true that single girls attract fellow single girls.

Mom: No. It’s just that single girls are the only ones who have time to hang out with you. Girls in relationships spend time with their boyfriend.


Words of wisdom, mom.



The stars have aligned!

Well. Or so the Japanese gods say.

Hey guys, I’m sorry for ignoring all of you for like. FOREVER. The story is @bittersweetselene and I went off to an awesome trip in Asia where we cruised off to like 10 cities and lived in fancy hotels. One of the countries we went to was Japan (the other was China >.>). I’m not sure how familiar any of you are with japanese culture — but it usually tends to involve a lot of shrine and temple visits. And at those temples, you do things like shake for your fortune. Or pay 5 yen for a wish. Things like that.

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