Online Dating Discoveries

One of my close friends thought it’d be fun to try online dating, so I thought . . . why not? She’s honestly the sort that was TOTALLY against online dating and she hardly ever tries anything new. For her to actually make an account and start trying out an app to find someone made me realize . . . that I should give this a shot too. At the end of the day, the two of us, including Selene, were totally . . . over this online dating. No more. Continue reading “Online Dating Discoveries”


My Ideal Proposal: Just Ask the Question

Since unforgivingathena attended her friend’s surprise proposal, Nyx thought that it’d be a good idea for us to share our ideal proposals. I think as I grow older, my ideal proposal will change but for the time being, this is it. (We’re totally getting ahead of ourselves when none of us even have boyfriends. It’s good to plan ahead right? Yeah, I’m just trying to convince myself that . . . yeah, no.)

Here we go!
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Hello again!

I’m sorry that I have been dormant for several months. Real life took over. A lot of things happened, but none of them are related to love. I’ve been doing some re-thinking about my future career values and about life in general. Oh yes, here’s some reflective thinking . . .

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My ideal type of guy . . .

This is just a fun series of postsĀ where the four of us will list our ideal type of guy. We thought it would be interestingĀ to see if we actually find someone that has these characteristics or if we’ll be attracted to different types of people. Please don’t take this post too seriously because we’re doing this more as an experiment. (When I have a boyfriend in the future, I might do a post that lists what he is like briefly to compare with the alleged ideal guy and the real guy.)

Here goes my post.

If I could build my ideal type of guy, I think these would be the requirements…

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Dear My Future Husband

Dear Mr. Future Husband,

I honestly hope that you had to wait longer than me to find the person you wanted to marry because that way, I’d feel slightly better about the whole waiting period. I hope you’ve had several failed relationships to know that I’m right for you. I’m not the sort to dig into your past; I’m a firm believer that people can change . . . if they really wanted to do so by themselves. Continue reading “Dear My Future Husband”

My bad habits when I have a crush

I recently met a new guy and he was cute! Yay! I don’t have a full-on crush on him but I do get the feeling that I would like to know him better. I feel kind of shallow because I realize that a lot of my crushes start with me noticing some guy’s looks and then wanting to know the person better after. (I’m trying to change that and be more open minded, but it’s hard.) That’s not the worse though that happens, I think. Sometimes I start analyzing little body language cues that the guy gives or try to remember all the words he said to see if there were any hints of a crush on me. I admit that I do get obsessed with the puzzle of finding out whether he likes me back. My worst habit is . . .

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Serious Guy Got a Girlfriend

I’m not sad that Serious Guy got a girlfriend. I’m disappointed that he didn’t tell me that he got one. Rich Guy was the one that told me over a group call.

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