We are single, over-educated girls who dissect romance stories using math theorems and philosophical musings. We are cynical, opinionated and realistic (debatable). We want our fairytale endings, but we’re not your typical fairytale princess. Our single status could be temporary or forever. But it’s okay — we accept it. We embrace it. 

UG Athena

unforgivingAthena – In Greek religion and mythology, Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy the arts, crafts and skill (wikipedia). A virgin goddess, or so the mythology says. Now, was that because she’s so powerful that no guy has the guts to approach her, or was that because of her actual choice? They say that love is supposed to come naturally, but somehow, that has never worked well for me. I’m honest enough to admit that it probably has to do with my own personality… I suppose… this is why I’m single.

UG Selene

bittersweetSelene – In Greek mythology Selene is the goddess and personification of the moon (wikipedia). She sounds like a nice girl..but she is no virgin goddess. In fact, she’s quite promiscuous and the descriptions of her one “great love” make her seem predatory (RE: Selene and Endymion). Coming from a single girl who has not yet “romantically” held hands with a guy, nevermind sleep with someone — it’s ironic. It’s hilarious. And it’s highly inappropriate….I guess, this is why I’m single.

UG Artemis


cynicalArtemis – Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and protector of young girls (wikipedia). A lot of men pursued her, but only her hunting companion won her heart. Sadly, he died. Mm, I relate to her because usually, I’m the one helping my female friends. I have a strong personality as well–too blunt for my own good. There’s also the fact that I don’t fall for someone easily even though I’ve had my chances. Guess this is why I’m single. (It’s a love-hate situation.)

UG Nyx

unjustNyx – Nyx is the goddess (or personification) of night. Her appearances, while sparse in surviving mythology,  describe her as a figure of exceptional power and beauty—even Zeus fears her (wikipedia). At a first glance, I couldn’t be any more different from her. In the past, our only similarity was my ability to exist as an overlooked presence. Now, I’ve accepted that I’m just an esoteric person. The few who know me realize there’s MUCH more… personality… beyond my timid countenance… ’tis a pity such people are few and far between. Maybe this is why I’m single.


sarcasticAphrodite – Aphrodite, one of the most well known symbols of love but is often the source of not-so-great advice for lovers. That must be our only similarity. I enjoy my fair share of romance gossip and dishes out self-perceived fantastic love advice from my arsenal of absolutely no real life experience. I get the ultimate high when being romantically involved vicariously through others and breaks down their love problems logically from a distant standpoint…far, far away. I guess this is why I`m single.


7 thoughts on “About”

    1. Hi Kooriyuki,

      Thank you so much for your nomination. ^_^ I woke up at 7, saw your comment and went “awwww… somebody actually likes our nonsensical ramblings”. (Inner OST: YES! MORE SHAMELESS PROMOTIONS)

      We’ll do our own nominations too… once I talk to bittersweetselene and cynicalartemis about it.

      Thank you once again!!

      (I recognize your name from Chilbong’s forum… >=D)

  1. I don’t know how pingbacks work, but I wanted to put a link to your page because I referred to you girls in a post. So, I did that. Is there an etiquette behind that? Because I don’t know. Feel free to let me know. Um. Okay. LATA! -cdukulele

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