Cries of the Forever Available

So today I asked my best guy friend why, despite having been in a dominantly male environment for the past 7 years, nobody likes me. Honestly, I’ve been pretty confident in myself. Looks wise and personality wise. I think I speak for all 4 of us when I say that. However, we’re somehow… all single… and with the exception of @unjustnyx, we’re single to the point where there is no one making an effort for us.

So I was curious as to what I’m doing wrong, cause there’s definitely something wrong with us. No, don’t give us the “It’s just that you haven’t met the right person yet” lecture, I’ve met the right person, it’s just that they don’t like us. That way.

So, his response was that “You’re too high by yourself. You give off the feel that you don’t need a boyfriend. It’s like you’re happy enough without one.”

I was very indignant. “What? What do you mean? Do I need a sticker on my forehead that says ‘I need a boyfriend’?!?!? Do I have to be sad without a boyfriend?”

hmmmph. He’s not without reason. I mean. It probably is us. It’s the best part of us. And also the reason why we’re still single.

Urgh. Where are the guys that can see the benefit of being with a girl like us?

Screw it allllll,



2 thoughts on “Cries of the Forever Available”

  1. Your friend is full of shit. Seeming like you don’t need a boyfriend is *attractive*. I’m not saying it’s not you, it probably is. After all, your’re the constant factor. My guess is your standards are skewed somehow, maybe you only like one specific type of guy–something like that.

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