Acting like the bigger person

For the near future, this will be the last post on the guy-that-never-got-named. Huh. Maybe that should be his name. There’s something that you should all know about me. I hate not knowing the answer to something. I hate not being able to understand what went wrong and thus not being able to work on fixing it. You could almost call it… somewhat of engineering tendencies.

Anyways. After agonizing over the weekend why the guy was showing a sudden 180 degree attitude/behaviour change, I decided that I was going to find out the answer. So I told one of my labmates the story and asked him if he could help me figure the reason. It turns out, another person (that f*cking idiot) had introduced him to another girl. I guess it was going well with that girl…. *shrug*

So I confronted said guy about this. Translated, what I basically said was… “Yo Dude. Not Cool. You could’ve told me if you had something going on. We didn’t have to be in a relationship, we can still be friends. But just suddenly disappearing makes things super awkward!!! OK. We can flip this page now. Check your mailbox these few days, I sent you a birthday gift. It’s in return for your book.”

He replied: “Sorry. It was me that was the coward.”

Me: “Good Luck. I wish you the best.”

I sent bittersweetSelene a screenshot of the conversation. And she said: “Wow. You’re the bigger person!! Why are you so nice to him?”

To which I replied. It’s all a damn act. I’m not the bigger person. I’m sulking inside. A week later after this happened, I’m still sulking on the inside. I was so pissed off that I downloaded Coffee Meets Bagel the next morning… which hasn’t really worked out… I don’t think internet dating works people. There’s just like no logical way (unless you guys are like soul mates and fall in love at first sight) that two people on an online dating site can actually get together… but that’s another story for another day.

Maybe I care more than I liked to admit.

Maybe it’s the fear that I will never get a boyfriend now that I’m out of an environment where I would be surrounded by peers my age.

Urgh. I hate having to act like the bigger person.



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