Urgh. I hate it when I feel this way.

So, I have a problem. It’s not really a problem, but something I’ve noticed that annoys me about my own personality. However, I think that there is some backstory to be told here before I get into my whole thought process/rant. 

Ok. So. Remember that guy that I thought liked me? So ever since I’ve come back to Vancouver, he has been messaging me daily. Shit. I get into these types of situations quite often, don’t I? Ok. Well. I can’t say that this is any different than all of the other guys that this happened with… but bear with me. So he’s been messaging me everyday. On the level of “good morning /good night” text. 

I mentioned that I didn’t necessary like him when I left. But I definitely wasn’t against the idea of a relationship with him. However, these effing daily texts are weakening my non-existent resolve day by day. 

And I dislike it. 

I dislike it when I’m constantly glancing at my phone to check for messages. (Eff, Athena, notifications exists for a reason!!!!)  I dislike it when I feel the need to reply immediately to texts. Or the need to actively ignore messages for a few minutes before replying. I thought I had grown up enough to not play that game anymore!!!!

More importantly, I dislike feeling reliant. I dislike feeling like I have no control over the situation. I dislike being unable to do anything about it. I dislike how whiny I become when I begin to like someone. 





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