My Loss? His Loss?

You know, we tend to try to be positive about ourselves on this blog — despite all the complaining. Especially me, cause I’m naturally narcissistic like that. But over the last few days, I’ve been feeling disgruntled about life, feeling confused about wtf happened in Panda’s head that just made him stop contacting me at all — despite various casual conversational starters that I throw at him, and feeling a little bit at loss.

So I decided to express and release my feels in the best way I know how… by writing a poem that makes absolutely no sense to anyone. Including me. Heh.

They say
“All in due time,
You’ll meet someone…
Who you deserve and loves you”

All in due time.
What does that even mean?
When is this due time?
Tommorrow? Next week? Next Year? NEVER?

So I meet a guy
Who has his flaws
Who is my type
Who confuses the heck out of me.

Is he that someone?
Is it due time yet?
Does he deserves me?
Do I deserve him?

Didn’t work out.
So what now?
Is it his loss?
Is it my loss?

Sometimes in life…you’ll meet the right person in due time… but he brushes by you — leaving you at more of a loss… than you started with.

Being bitter,



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