One day,
I want to tug at your sleeves,
Whining about something that isn’t entirely important,
Fighting a battle that I’m willing to lose.


Yesterday, I walked behind you,
Fighting the urge to reach out and pull at your jacket.

One day,
I want to kiss you on the cheeks,
Watching your face grow red,
Giggling secretly behind my smirk.


Last week, I sat beside you,
Watching as you talked about something irrelevant.

One day,
I want to sit with my head on your shoulder,
Watching your fingers move across the piano keys,
Softly humming along to your melody.


A year ago, you were my pianist,
Playing the accompaniment to my melody.

One day,
I want to feel my tears fall down my face,
As you pull a ring box from within your jacket,
Hands shaking as you ask me to marry you.


Last month, I sat in your passenger seat,
Singing along to the song playing on the radio.

One day,
I want to walk down the aisle,
Holding on to my father’s arms in a white dress,
While you wait at the end.


The day before, we went to a cafe,
Alone — until our friends decided to join us.

One day,
I want to wake up and look in the mirror,
Only to find that I’m starting to have streaks of white in my hair,
Turn and find that you are still there.


Today, I saw you standing on the train,
I said. Hi.

And that’s a wrap folks.

Sappy poetry!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

Signing off,



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