I really don’t know how to categorize this situation, but I really think that it is harassment, a very sly form. For the past month and a bit more, I have been receiving half-eaten food in front of my door. I have no idea who it is from or how it even got there. I just know that once per week, usually around the weekends, I will see a few items there.

What sort of half-eaten food do I mean then? Stuff like a half-eaten chocolate bar with teeth marks, half of a box of granola cereal with a laundry clip to make sure that the food is fresh, half of a jar of nutella, and a half box of Danish cookies. Every time, it’s when I’m away from my place that I get the food.

I think that the person not only knows where I live, but also knows my schedule. I have told my friends about this, and they have different reactions. My Chinese friends think that this is creepy. My Japanese friends thought it was funny until this series of events kept going. Some of my European friends think that I should be flattered. Others believe that I shouldn’t think too seriously about this. It’s just a prank.

Based on murder documentaries that I’ve seen, a lot of seemingly lighthearted things end up turning awfully sour. Even if it’s a prank, it’s not funny. Pranks are supposed to induce laughter, not fear. I am honestly scared of my own safety. I get a bit nervous every time I walk alone at night on campus.

I’ve tried speaking to housing about this situation as well as the international students’ society. However, they all say that they can’t do anything. The international students’ society even said that it’s probably just a stupid prank, pretty much hinting that I shouldn’t be so serious about this.

I’m starting to think that it’s true when some people say that there’s not much you can do about stalkers who just . . . watch. As long as they don’t approach you directly, you’re safe. I just feel helpless in this situation. I mean, I could leave a note to say to stop, but if it is a creep, then the person might get even happier or might get really enraged and do something to me.

I really think that the only reason that would prompt me to even consider getting a boyfriend now is out of safety. I don’t feel safe by myself. I admit that I am scared, and I am very frustrated by the people who aren’t treating this situation seriously. If you put yourself in my shoes, how would you feel?

The only thing that makes me feel better is the fact that I do have a few friends who care about my safety. They ask every week about this or show concern when I say that I received another new thing.

Just stop giving me these items and leave me be,



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