Weird Guy, I Don’t Understand You

So my previous post was around ten days ago, and now I’m at a point where I really, really don’t know what in the world is going on with the Weird Guy. So many things happened at once that . . . I really don’t know where to begin. This is going to be a long post, so bear with me, but I guess it all started last week . . .

I met him coincidentally at the library; I was there to renew my books while he happened to be writing his essay. I greeted him of course, and I was thinking of just doing a quick renew and leaving. While I saw my friend, I said hi to her, to which he thought I was saying good-bye to him. As a result, he got all upset and asked, “Oh . . . you’re leaving?”

I felt bad for him, so I ended up staying. Plus, I did bring my laptop, so I could work on a few things. Everything was going fine. We even chatted a bit, but then at one point, the conversation was dying down a bit, so I said that I wanted to nap a bit. He let me borrow his notebook to sleep on, and then, I sort of thought I was having a fever. I just asked if he could test my forehead for me, and he snapped at me. Later, he told me that I can leave for dinner if I want. I said I still needed to finish some stuff though I sort of really wanted to pee. In the end, I just asked him when he’d be done because I felt bad if I just left him and went to dinner by myself. He threw a fit at me, shouting, “I don’t know!” That was it for me, so I left by myself.

Then, the next day, I asked if he wanted to join a few of us to lunch. I mean, I had invited quite a few people, so I thought it’d be mean if I hadn’t asked him too. He didn’t reply my text, but did come to the lunch later when the table was pretty much full. He had to take a spot at the end of the table, several seats away from me and on the other side. Meanwhile, I was pretty much surrounded by other guys. I managed to catch a few glimpses of his face, and he had such an irritated look. When I tried talking to him later, he was very, very cold too.

A third incident was the fact that the Weird Guy had invited me to this event for this volunteering club. He kept asking me if I was going to go too, and I said yes. Unfortunately, I had no idea where this event and the time of it. I had to ask him, and he gave a short snappy reply: “Go check on fb.” I knew he was still mad at me, so I thought, I’d do a bit of deep hunting. Fate had it where this other French friend of mine happened to be part of this club, and he gave me the link to the event. Sadly, after knowing the location, I wasn’t sure where that was on campus. Out of desperation, I started texting other people I knew, and they were all very helpful, but the place was hard to find. Around 30 to 40 mins later, the Weird Guy gave me a text asking if I had found the event. I told him the situation, and asked if it would be okay to just go with him. He said he had to get some money from the ATM first. I said I needed to go to the grocery store as well to get some beer. He didn’t reply until he suddenly said that he was going to the grocery store now. Meanwhile, I was still in my room, looking at a map of the campus to find my way. Eventually, I did meet him at the grocery store, and he found me at the beer section. He looked super exhausted and out of it, so I asked him why.

He said his friends had been taking him to drink until like 2 to 3 am, despite knowing that he had an essay to finish. He was drinking with that girl classmate, Bitch, and another guy who I’ll call Spoiled Guy. Then, he said that he “slept with Bitch”, to which I got so stunned. Later, he clarified that it was just sleeping on the same bed as her. Still. . . in Japan, girls and guy friends don’t hug, yet it’s okay to sleep on the same bed together? Beats me.

You’d think I’d go to the party with him then? Nope. He said he needs to eat his dinner first, which was weird because the event would involve having a BBQ. Luckily for me, my French friend called me and told me that the location he had thought originally was wrong and that it was at the lake. I asked if I could just go with him, and he said yes. We ended up going together along with another girl. As for the Weird Guy, he came much later and even called me to see if I had already arrived. He wasn’t sure if he was heading in the right direction. Finally, he came, and I was actually the one that introduced him to my French friend and got that Weird Guy some more friends. The Weird Guy and I did chat some more about his essay and such, but when we arrived at the entrance of another party, I realized that I hadn’t brought my ID. I told him that and had to leave.

Later, I had a chat with my sister about all these things that were happening. My sister said that Bitch most definitely liked the Weird Guy and that if I wanted to stop her, I should ask the Weird Guy how he thought of her. That conversation ensued and it ended up being me saying that he and the girl would make a good couple and that the Weird Guy saying that he liked another French girl. Ouch to me. I was like okay, well just make sure that the French girl doesn’t think that you have feelings for the Bitch, especially when people have been sort of talking about it. Reasonable right? He starts asking who has been talking, to which I don’t reply till the next day.

Guess what he tells me? The day before, it was the Bitch and the Rich Guy messaging me. O _ O I have doubts about that though. After he supposedly read through the whole conversation, he sent me this enraged message about how I was the one sending boring messages and how he wanted me to let him go. He also thought I was saying not to hang out with those people. Now, the Weird Guy is clearly ignoring me and probably avoiding me. He was going to attend these two events, but chose not to now, probably because I’ll be there.

I really don’t get why it’s always when we text that things go incredibly sour or some little thing just makes him explode. Pretty sure he hates me now.

Confused and a tad sad,



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