The world is hypocritical

We are told to love ourselves
We are told to chase our dreams
We are told that the end result does matter
We are told that money is power

The world is a cruel place
It is a battle of the fittest

To love yourself requires sacrifices
To chase your dreams requires tactic
To reach the end means going through the process
To have money requires selling yourself out

Then the world laughs
It laughs to hide its acrimony
It laughs to hide jealously

The world admonishes you for leaving behind what’s important
The world reproaches you for not taking everyone with you
The world reprimands you for breaking the rules along the way
The world snickers at your body, beaten from the waves that IT sent

The world is hypocritical
The world is cruel
The world is bitter
The world is jealous

Brazen, I will stand against the world

Yes, I want money.
Yes. I want to chase my dreams.
Yes. I will hurt people along the way.
Yes. I will not give a shit.

No. I will not take you with me on the path to success.

Brazen. You can talk. But I won’t hear.

YAYYYY~~~ I had to get that off my chest. Some people on the internet are so rage inducing. “He only cares about money and himself. Such a jerk” — some idiotic fan girl. I’m sorry, b****, tell me: Do you not care about money and yourself?




3 thoughts on “Brazen”

      1. It’s only a temporary cover. The tracks show eventually and the more bullshit – the uglier the revelation.

        Happy Friday. Have a lovely weekend!

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