It takes two to tango

It takes one to fall in love…
to be ever so aware of that beat in your heart.
to sweep your eyes across and go “there you are”
to hear a voice in the midst of a noisy room.
It only takes one.

But it takes two for a relationship,
to mute that heart ache.
to smile when the phone rings.
to hold hands in the sun.
It takes two….

It only takes one to wait…
staring at your phone for a response.
looking at the door a doorbell.
hoping for tomorrow to be the one.
It only takes one.

But it takes two for a conversation,
to banter about the simplest things.
to laugh about a silly situation.
to plan for the future.
It takes two.

I can talk all night about that drama you didn’t watch,
You can ramble about that problem you didn’t solve at work,
I can be there when you need my help,
You can make me smile when I’m down.

But what use is that if none of us take the first step?

It takes only 1 sentence. 2 people. And 3 words.

But as much as my heart yearns… it takes two to tango.

Did you miss my sappy poetry?

Well, here’s an overdose. *cues EXO’s overdose*


Peace yo,



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