Women can be scary

I have been living in an apartment full of girls, and of course, the topic of love comes up a lot. You’d think that women are just trying to find love, but no, when a lady finds a potential crush, all the ladies ask some scary questions.

What’s his family background?

What does he do?

Is he rich?

Now how rich the guy has to be really depends on the girl, but these sort of questions are looming over a lot of women’s minds. I am honestly starting to believe that you can buy your way into a woman’s heart.

Finding out new perspectives from other ladies,



3 thoughts on “Women can be scary”

  1. At this point it’d be nice just to find someone who likes me and wants to date me haha. Being wealthy is no deal breaker and I’d never search for a man based on how much they earn but I can of course see the allure of someone who can afford to treat you!

    1. I think it’s also because a lot of the girls I’ve talked to think very far into the future for their relationships, so they factor in wealth (ie the guy they date would be someone they would marry).

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